Units 1 - 4

For each of the lessons students have a Seminotes book that they complete as they watch the instructional video presentation. They are encouraged to press the pause button to allow time to attempt examples on their own before they continue. Students will then be required to complete the associated activities which may include, for example, answering questions, completing worksheets and exercises.

The video presentation can be paused or replayed if needed. During the course of a topic, students may be required to complete additional learning activities and use other web-based resources. Video conferencing using CISCO Web-ex one session per week will provide the opportunity for students to engage face to face with the teacher and collaborate with other on-line students. This session will also be recorded for students that are unable to attend and they can watch the lesson at a later date.

This lesson will cover the discovery of radioactivity and identify the various types of nuclear radiation.

This lesson looks at the first accounting report that includes; assets, liabilities and owner’s equities.