Mathematical Methods

Units 1 & 2

This is a sample lesson from the topic “Quadratics”. A set of “semi-notes” accompanies each lesson. When completing lessons, students watch the instructional video and answer questions or complete exercises in their semi-notes. The videos can be paused or replayed if needed.

Students complete these “notes” as they move through the video presentations. The video takes the students through the solutions before moving on. The semi-notes vary in length depending on the length of the lesson. The semi-notes become a record of a student’s progress through the unit and are a powerful revision tool at assesssment time.

Some lessons have Geogebra dynamic interactive learning objects to help students understand concepts. These applets that allows students to explore and experiment by changing different variables and seeing the effects of these changes immediately.

This sample interactive demonstrates how the graph of a sine wave is generated as a point moves around the circumference of the unit circle.

Unit 3 & 4

A typical Mathematical Methods Unit 3&4 lesson involves two elements; a seminotes document and the lesson file. A student would have a copy of the seminotes in front of them and will copy notes and complete exercises on this document as they work through the lesson.

Geogebra interactive files, similar to the sample from Unit 1 and 2 above, are also used in the Unit 3&4 Maths Methods course.