Bendigo Senior Secondary College is proud to have led the establishment of the Victorian Virtual Learning Network over the last ten years. Our vision has been to create a truly world class online learning environment to provide students with access to a broader range of VCE subjects. Our VVLN students have access to a high quality online course supported by a dedicated online teacher. Results show that students can achieve great success under this model of learning and the testimonials of students and other schools speak for themselves. Join us in 2023!
Dale Pearce
Principal - Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Abbey Burford I joined the VVLN at the beginning of 2020 and in year 11 studied Accounting, and continue to do so now, close to completing Units 3&4. I am confident in saying that this program has exceeded my expectations and has allowed me to study something that I am passionate about and enjoy. I have a strong, meaningful relationship with my teacher, as she offers me continuous support to get the best results.
Abbey Burford
Mortlake P-12 College

Tiare Wilson I have been using VVLN for units 1 & 2 of Physics. So far I have really enjoyed the experience as it allows me to study physics flexibly. The website is easy to use so I know if I am up to date. My teacher is very good, as I’m
Tiare Wilson
Yarrawonga P-12 College

I started VVLN at the start of 2021 to study Physics 3-4 as my school was unable to run a class. I had low expectations of learning via distance education, but was pleasantly surprised. The lessons were well set up, my teacher was always willing to help, and the flexibility of the course was excellent. Ultimately grateful for the opportunity that I would have otherwise missed out on
Phrynne Grant
Seymour College

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