Bendigo Senior Secondary College is proud to have led the establishment of the Victorian Virtual Learning Network over the last five years. Our vision has been to create a truly world class online learning environment to provide students with access to a broader range of VCE subjects. Our VVLN students have access to a high quality online course supported by a dedicated online teacher. Results show that students can achieve great success under this model of learning and the testimonials of students and other schools speak for themselves. Join us in 2022!
Dale Pearce
Principal - Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Abbey Burford Currently I am doing Unit 1/2 Accounting online with the VVLN. This has been a great experience for me. It has required me to become a more independent, self-motivated student. My teacher offers me continuous support and helps me achieve the goals that I have set.
Abbey Burford
Mortlake P-12 College

Darcy Hobbs I transitioned to the VVLN at the end of last year to study Physics. At first I was sceptical about the program, not knowing what to expect. I am happy to say that the program has exceeded my expectations. It has allowed me to study something that I am really passionate about and I am so grateful for the opportunity. The teachers are all extremely approachable and will go to extraordinary lengths to get the best out of you. Highly recommended.
Darcy Hobbs
Mortlake P-12 College

Andrew Mens I have been given the opportunity to study Physics Units 1-4 and Maths Methods Unit 4 via the VVLN. Studying these subjects in a small rural school is not always possible due to small class sizes and difficulties with teacher supply in such specialised subjects. To be able to study flexibly and independently with the VVLN has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity to prepare and develop the skills necessary to assist with my future studies beyond high school. With the support of and easy access to the amazing teachers at VVLN, this form of learning has become just as successful for me as traditional face to face learning.
Andrew Mens
Wycheproof P-12 College

Brad Langridge My experience with VVLN has been nothing but excellent. The videos and notes are so straight forward it makes distance learning stress free. The teachers are also only an email away and always respond quickly, it's just like having a teacher there with you.
Brad Langridge
Monbulk College

Patrick Wemyss The VVLN has provided me an extremely easy and efficient way of studying Units 3&4 in Specialist Maths and Physics. The reason I’m doing these subjects through the VVLN is because there were not enough people in my year who also wanted to study them. I’ve come to actually prefer studying these specific subjects online over in-class learning with my other subjects. This is because I have the ability to re-watch any of the course videos while re-reading through my seminotes, which is a massive benefit to studying through the VVLN.
Patrick Wemyss
Stawell Secondary College

Trang Huynh At the start of the year 10, I was uncertain whether I could use the Victorian Virtual Learning Network to extend my knowledge of mathematics. However, because of the great supports from VVLN staff and the teachers at Sunshine College, who are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, I was able to learn efficiently and work at my own pace. Especially, at VVLN, I could not only pause and re-watch video lesson posted on the main page but also find a learning check before I sat my exam and SAC. When I sought support from my teacher at VVLN, they were always willing to help me out and show me what I should improve on. Studying Maths Methods 1-2 through VVLN was incredibly fantastic and helpful to broaden my understanding.
Trang Huynh
Sunshine College

Specialist Maths units one and two has been an enjoyable experience for me. Despite the difficulties that are presented when working online from a different school, the Victorian Virtual Learning Network is easy to get used to, and the videos provided not only help prepare me for my work, but when I am confused about something, I can replay the videos at my own time to understand it more or email my teacher for help. The teachers are great and are thorough with their explanations for questions I had.
Emma Drummond
Sunbury College

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