Our Subjects

All courses have been developed by highly experienced teachers.

  • Accounting 1-2
  • Accounting 3-4

  • Chemistry 1-2
  • Chemistry 3-4
  • Physics 1-2
  • Physics 3-4
  • Psychology 1-2
  • Psychology 3-4
  • Maths Methods 1-2
  • Maths Methods 3-4
  • Specialist Maths 1-2
  • Specialist Maths 3-4

The VVLN incorporates a number of features to ensure students receive the instruction, support and feedback essential to their successful completion of the VCE subject.
  • Subjects are delivered via the internet using the VVLN Moodle learning management system.
  • Delivery of all subjects is asynchronous providing flexible timetabling for schools, allowing students to access their subject at any time.
  • Online lessons are entirely instructional and incorporate learning resources including video, audio, text, simulations, and high levels of interactivity, monitoring and feedback.
  • Students receive individual support and direction through regular online contact with their teachers via Web-ex.
  • At least once during the school year VVLN teachers visit each school for face-to-face meetings with students

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